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Design with Millennials

We Millennials are classic case study for champagne taste and Kool-Aid money.

It is not for lack of effort. We are almost as educated as we think we are. Six of ten Millennials have degrees, but we all know the old saying “degrees cost Gs” Okay, maybe I just made that up. . . Nevertheless, Millennials with student debt are paying 1/5 of their salaries towards loan repayment. So, while we are uber educated, wildly stylish we are also astonishingly broke. This is quick guide that will aid you in showing your Millennial style despite your Millennial budget.


Paint is by far the least expensive way to dramatically affect a space. It does take a bit of prep work, but if you are down to get messy, you can transform your space with out transferring too many of your funds. Try using painters tape and an accent color to create an eye catching wall feature. While you are at it, paint those bar stools from your college apartment. The point is, a few coats of paint can upgrade and reinvent. Be like Ciara, she went from Future to Russell Wilson, talk about an upgrade!


Quality furniture is an investment. Don’t waste your time or money with low quality furniture. The cheap stuff is short lived and will need to be replaced. You will end up spending more money in the long run. The best time to buy furniture is in July because new styles are released in August. August and September offer the best discounts on outdoor furniture. That steal deal patio set will be a real crowd pleaser at your fall cookouts.

-Bargain Hunt.

Don’t spend an arm and a leg on trendy accent pieces. I frequent Ross, TJ Maxx, and Tuesday Morning and they often carry inexpensive kitchen, bath and bedroom accessories. Trends are here today and gone tomorrow. So, why not enjoy some of yesterday’s trends for less, today. If you are like me you will celebrate your savings with a white chocolate mocha from Starbucks


You never know what you may find while thrift shopping, just ask Maclamore, and there are so many ways to get your thrift on in 2017. Yard, estate, and neighborhood sales, eBay, Goodwill, and the Salvation Army all offer multitudes of pre-owned deals. Know what you are looking for, and keep an open mind. Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.


Make good use of your parents (Generation X) and grandparents (Baby Boomers). They have been looking to downsize anyway, right? When you finally decide to move out take some stuff with you. Vintage items and heirlooms are on trend. Style is cyclical. Not to mention heirlooms always come with a good story.

We live in a different world and what a time to be alive. Student debt is at an all time high but at least we have the know-how. Sip your Tea on your discount sofa and be happy. Your home décor doesn’t have to suffer because of your student debt. You can have a stylish crib, while reducing your debt.

By Jasmin Ivy Williams, Realtor & Interior Designer


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